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Mudau November 13, 2013 @01:49 am

I love all of them, but the that is because I love the style of John Harris. Along with Jim Burns, Harris is my fartvioe cover artist for science fiction novels. No one else can match them for awe inspiring epic science fictional and space operatic vistas.Top 3 Human Division covers:1) The Observers I love the sense of isolation this one has. It also feels a bit gritty and remote, reminiscent of a ship like the Nostromo from Alien exploring some desolate rock in the uncharted reaches of space.2) We Only Need The Heads not only does the title intrigue me, but the city or colony that the spaceship is heading towards looks like it might be a rough and tumble place to get a drink.3) The Back Channel possibly alien structures? Either way, very cool looking. I like the mystique and granduer that this one evokes.

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